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Social Stories_Autism Behaviour Managment

This course covers the following 4 engaging 

Social Stories

Preparing your child for loud noises

Learn sensory strategies to help both you and your child cope with loud noises effectively and comfortably in various environments.

How to be inside a movie theater?

Discover the ins and outs of enjoying a movie theater experience with tips on seating, etiquette, and having fun, through this social story.

What should i do if i am lost?

Through this social story, Empower your child with essential skills for staying safe in public places, including what to do if they become separated from you.

How to deal with nervousness?

Equip your child with valuable tips and techniques to confidently manage nervousness in various situations, fostering resilience and self-assurance



Social Stories are a great way of introducing the unsaid social norms and ways of communication with your child in a fun way. 4 engaging Social Stories are bundled inside this course.


Manage the speed of learning as per the pace of your child's Current learning needs and availability.

Recommendations for using l2l

To gain maximum benefit from L2L, we recommend to kindly do the following


First start with the topic that you think will interest the child the most.


Pick One topic at a time. We recommend not to start multiple topics at one time.


Do the assisted session with the child as per his/her grasping and understanding.


Whenever you notice that the child is loosing interest, click on the smiley button displayed on the screen, it will take the child to fun videos and activities to bring the interest back. (ABA tool).


Once the interest is back, you can restart the topic after some time. Gradually, encourage the child to complete an activity/ exercise and then take him/ her to ice breaking section. (Positive reinforcement).


You can observe the sitting time of the child and gradually increase it by 30sec to 1 min each day till maximum of 30 mins in one sitting. You should do maximum 2 sittings of L2L in a day.


After the session each day, Show the things/objects shown in the session to the child in reality or an image of the same in book.


Please use the same words of the objects as mentioned in the activity. Don't use some other terminology/ language .


We recommend to play the L2L on a desktop/laptop. Or if required on an iPad or a big screen tab in landscape mode.

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