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"Empower your child's journey to Independence, Gift them the tools to conquer learning difficulties through our online courses.



"Our mission is to empower 1 Million parents and young people in dealing with learning difficulties powerfully, through a holistic approach specially crafted to mainstream the children with various Learning difficulties, empowering them in finding their uniqueness, being independent and create their own path"


Learning2Life or L2L, is an Assisted Learning tool to support children with learning difficulties in crossing the initial hurdles of life as early as possible. L2L is developed with years of research, rich experiences of Parents, Occupational Therapists and Special Educators. It has been tested with many children dealing with Different conditions like Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia other Learning Difficulties, and the results have been very encouraging. Read More



Matching, Sorting and lots of engaging exercises to enhance awareness


An awesome ABA tool to enhance sitting time  through fun videos and interactive activities


With 1 year of validity, you will have enough time to adjust the speed of learning as per the pace of your child's Current learning needs and your schedule.


Step by step Learning methedology, enables the child to get the first concept, before moving to the next.


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STEP - 1


First the child learns to recognize the object by its name

STEP - 2


After recognizing the object by its name, second step of learning is to connect the same with surroundings

STEP - 3


Once the child recognizes and understands the concept, its time to imbibe the same through fun games and Quizzes

Be a part of the PARENTS COMMUNITY to give and receive Support...
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  • Ask questions and get support
  • get updates about the Webinars/Events
  • Share about new learning challanges
  • Give suggestions about new modules that would help you and your child.

Support for Autism INclusion by You And Me

Recognition and Awards 

"our mission is to Create world's very first holistic curriculum specially designed for children with Learning disabilities"

All Set To Make A Difference In Millions Of

Awesome Young People's Life
Your child is Unique, and need a unique way of learning.

Well Researched Content

Tried & Trusted
Cooked slowly with a research of over 10 years

Just found out that your child is on AUTISM SPECTRUM ??

Stop WORRYING & start taking ACTIONS !! 

ASD is a vast spectrum, and if your child is showing some symptoms, it doesn't necessarily mean that the child is impacted by it at a severe level, In most of the cases, the child is on Mild to Moderate category and he/ she can live a brilliant independant life with the help of Audio visual learning and Therapies.


On which devices can we train the child using L2L?

Modules are touch enabled and can be played on all devices, however for best results run these on Desktop, Laptop or an iPad. Avoid using it on mobile phones due to smaller screen and harmful radiations of smartphones.

On how many devices can we use the learning2life platform after purchase?

The modules can me played on a maximum of 3 devices using a single login ID. Please avoid using it on mobile phones due to smaller screen and harmful radiations of smartphones.

On mobile devices, why does module says "Please rotate your device"?

If you are viewing this option, that means you are using the module in a mobile phone, Please note that we do not promote the use of mobile phones, However just in case you choose to run it on a mobile device, The courses are best viewed in landscape mode, in case you are using it on portrait mode on mobile phone, this message will appear, in that case, please enable the autorotate option on your device.

Shall I train my child on multiple topics at a time?

Many of our children need slow and repetitive learning, We would highly recommend going 1 step at a time, Once the child is comfortable with one topic, then only proceed to next topic.

Is it necessary to signup for purchasing the Modules?

Yes, it's mandatory.

How can I contact you?

Please mail us at and we will get back as soon as possible.

 What is the validity of my courses, once I purchase?

You will be able to use the courses for 1 year, from the date of purchase.

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